when is thanksgiving? History of thanksgiving day

thanksgiving history

why is thanksgiving day celebrated?

In 1620 pilgrims traveled from England to America in the Mayflower and landed at Plymouth. They are escaping the constraints of the Church of England and also of poverty. They could be considered the first immigrants in North America.

Massachusetts native Indians received them amicably and shared their knowledge of pilgrims on this earth crops and taught them to hunt and cure the meat of animals in the area.

To celebrate they had survived a hard winter and had a bountiful harvest that would help them face the next, pilgrims organized a big dinner . They invited the Native Americans to thank for their help. The first Thanksgiving celebration lasted several days. Both the Indians and the Pilgrims shared food, drink and fun

Today is a day of thanks for the harvest and for all that one has in life

When is thanksgiving celebrated?

Thanksgiving, the Thanksgiving Day in the United States , fourth Thursday in November is a traditional time of celebration, usually with family and loved ones.

The first US president, George Washington declared the first Thanksgiving Day on February 19, 1795. Later, Abraham Lincoln chose October 3, 1863 as a day of reflection and thanksgiving.

President Theodore Roosevelt in 1941 changed the day of Thanksgiving to the fourth Thursday in November, which is still the day when the holiday is celebrated

How thanksgiving is celebrated in United States?

It is a family celebration in which people even travel to another state to join his family.

As in the United States are more independent from each other than in Latino families , they make the effort to meet at least once a year.

It is one of the most important celebrations in the United States and marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. The next day, Friday, is called Black Friday, where there are discounts in stores, in preparation for the season ahead gifts. Now there are also reductions in the virtual stores on the Internet that day.

You can use this day to teach your children about the origins of American celebrations, tell them about the traditions of your culture and help raise them as bicultural.


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