Thanksgiving prayer 2016 for family from Bible

thanksgivng catholic prayer

Prayer of thanksgiving for the family

☆Thank you, good Father, for my family.
Thank you for my elders so many good things left me home, savings, training, work, customs, traditions ...

Thanks particularly to the Christian faith who also passed me.

Thank you for my wife, for my husband, whom I love so much as part of me, but different, who enjoy the body and spirit, who do all my plans and with whom I share joys, sorrows and cares, with whom the simple joy of everyday life and dream a better tomorrow, gold and with whom I share my faith with whom I participate in community life.

Thank you for our children, the best for us and for you !.

Thanks for the originality of each, his wealth, his personality and take care fondly difference to become themselves freely, what each is called to be, what you want it to be each.

Thank you for the grace and mystery of life

running through their young bodies, open to the future in hope.

And thank you, Lord, for yourself, great and good Father of our family,

builder of the largest brotherhood that we are all your children

together with all creation, marvelous work of your hands.

Thank you for your Son Jesus Christ, creative word,

savior who told us your love to the end,

liberating it breaks all our chains.

Thank you, finally, by your Spirit,

permanent breath calling us every day to clean and generous harmony,

especially in low hours, in moments of fatigue and conflict,

when my family is no longer a foster home and seems to become a prison, when everything becomes dark, but you're still there as light and breath of life.

Thank you, Father always good and eternally compassionate and merciful.


☆ O
God Almighty and merciful,
who created man admirably
and more admirably the redeemed,
do not abandon the sinner,
but the chase with fatherly love.
You sent your Son into the world
to destroy sin with his passion and death ,
and his resurrection restore life and joy.
You have poured out the Holy Spirit in our hearts,
to make us heirs and your children.
You renew us with the sacraments of salvation,
to free us from the bondage of sin
and transform day days,
in an image, increasingly perfect your beloved Son.
I thank you
for the wonders of your mercy,
you singing couple,
with our mouth, heart and life, a new song.
To you be glory for Christ the Holy Spirit,
now and forever. II Holy Father, Thou hast restored the image of your Son. Grant reach your mercy, and witnessing your love in the world. III really is meet and right to give thanks always and everywhere , Almighty and eternal God, who chasten justly and mercifully forgive. In both samples merciful you, because when you punish, you do to not perish forever, and when you forgive, give us chance to correct us. IV Oh God !, you create and keep all the clarity. Both have loved the world, that gave your only Son for our salvation. In his cross have been redeemed, quickened his death, saved by his passion, his resurrection glorified. Grant express faith in the heart, in the works, justice, behavior, godliness; in customs, righteousness, . and power and get the prize of immortality V Lord Jesus Christ, rich in forgiveness, you wanted to take humility of our flesh, to leave us an example of humility, and become consistent in all suffering, do you always keep all the good that you have received each time you fall into sin, quit it by penance. VI Oh God !, you grant us your grace, so that we become righteous unfair, of wretches into happy, fill me with your strength and your gifts, and since I lack the justification of faith, not me the strength of the missing perseverance


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